Friday, October 3, 2008

Ariel our baby cat ...and other kitties I miss

Here is Clyde our lovely little guy who was only with us for 2 months before he was too sick to stay with us :(



our old roomates' cat vaughn aka super cat

hahaha... oh vaughn

and of course her boyfriends cat Jazmine who was the most loveable thing ever

And then there is Ariel our Princess Baby

She just loves this sweater...haha...not really

she loves drinking from cups more than her water bowl


top ten penny stock said...

sure, why not!

Lindsay I-F said...

sure why not?

evestirs said...

our cat drinks out of glasses as well...ok so its not just us :)

Bethany said...

they love to do that w/ me too! This year they decided that they love drinking out of the dog's water bowl more than my glass. not sure that he likes it...